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Bank Holiday Waste Collections

May bank holidays mean that there will be changes to waste collections at the beginning and end of the month. Next week there will be no collections on bank holiday Monday (6 May). Collections of recycling, rubbish and garden waste will be one day later than usual.

If your recycling and/or rubbish is usually collected on a Monday, then it will be collected on a Tuesday, if your usual day is a Tuesday it will be collected on a Wednesday and so on.

This includes collections that would usually take place on Friday, 10 May taking place on Saturday, 11 May.

The same will happen at the end of the month following the bank holiday on Monday, 27 May.

With waste collections a day later, a higher volume of waste is likely. Squashing, crushing and flattening waste can help to reduce the number of trips that teams need to make to empty their trucks, as well as creating more space in your boxes, bins and bags.

All 16 recycling sites will be open as usual at weekends, 9am to 4pm. And, if opening on a Monday is part of their normal opening pattern, they will be open on both Bank Holiday Mondays (6 May and 27 May), from 9am to 6pm. For opening times and to find a full list of what can be recycled head to our website.

Revised collection days (pdf)

3rd May 2024